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  • Jul
    Manual of CM-30C Feed Pellet Machine
    What’s the use of Feed Pellet Machine ?Feed pellet press is the ideal equipment for pressing pellet feed in my country.This machine has reasonable structure, advanced technology, high output, low power consumption, adopts belt drive, variable frequency speed feeding, and can add appropriate amou
  • Jul
    Daily Production Maintenance And Use Precautions for Feed Pellet Machines
    (1) The machine needs to be thoroughly cleaned after each use to prevent residual feed from rotting and deteriorating in the machine, affecting the next pelleting. Generally, it can be rinsed with water for 15 to 20 times.(2) Select appropriate power in strict accordance with the instructions. Insuf
  • Jul
    How To Use Feed Pellet Machines To Improve Production Efficiency And Quality.
    (1) When making poultry daily rations, it is necessary to scientifically and rationally design feed formulas based on the breeding objects in order to better improve feed returns. (2) When installing the machine, the ground must be kept stable, the machine must be installed steadily, and attention
  • Jul
    Automatic Silage Feed Loader
    Automatic Silage Feed Loader What is the purpose of the reclaimer?Silage reclaimers are widely used in the silage industry and are suitable for the breeding of dairy cows, beef cattle, sheep, horses, mules, etc. They are efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and are partners of mod
  • Jul
    Bucket Elevator
    Bucket Elevator What’s the usage of bucket elevator ?This series of elevators are suitable for vertical transportation of granular and powdery materials in grain, food, feed and chemical industries. How to install bucket elevator ?1. Installation foundation: The site must be solid and stable e
  • Jul
    The Remarkable Feed Pellet Machine Powering a Premium Beef and Mutton Operation
    The Remarkable Feed Pellet Machine Powering a Premium Beef and Mutton Operation In the world of livestock farming, the path to producing high-quality, in-demand meat products often begins with the careful selection and operation of the right feed pellet machine. For one exceptional farmer, whose bee
  • Jul
    The Advantages of Our Oil Press Machine
    1, Novel idea, mechanical and electrical integration: scientific design, reasonable structure, easy to operate, safe and stable, the use of fully automated devices, from feeding to finished products only a few minutes.2, Excellent material and precision process: the use of high carbon steel, high-fr
  • Jun
    Horizontal Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine
    Horizontal Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine If you want to understand the structure of feed pellet machine, one picture is enough ! Figure SZLH-350 PELLET MILL STRUCTURE 1. Base 2. Gearbox 3. Pellet Chamber Door 4. Feed Chute 5. Limit Switch 6. Sight Glass 7. Hoist Guide(not equipped now) 8. Bearin
  • Jun
    Uncovering the Key to Cutting Feed Pellet Machine Maintenance Costs
    Uncovering the Key to Cutting Feed Pellet Machine Maintenance Costs In the competitive world of animal feed production, optimizing operational costs is a constant challenge. One area that often presents opportunities for significant savings is the maintenance of feed pellet machines – the workhorse
  • Jun
    Use And Characteristics of Bale Crusher
    Use and Characteristics of Bale Crusher1. Use of Bale Crusher Crop straw is widely used as biological resources, and now the rapid development of society, technological innovation is also very rapid, the previous crop straw is not burned or discarded, polluting the environment, waste of resources, w
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