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  • Jan
    Floating Fish Feed Pellet Extruder

    1. Working principle1) During extruding process, material feed from the end of machine cavity convey to the whole cavity by screw, then divided into several regions at extruded part, each region have a ring (press ring) to control flow and press. Screw convey function drive the material through the

  • Jan
    Production of Pellets

    Check whether the raw material is in consistency. Refer to lowing four material for pellets production. 1. Insert the plug of the machine, and press the start button. The engine should start and the die turns.If the engine does not turn, immediately press the stop button, and check or investigate th

  • Jan
    Major parts for ring die feed pellet machine

    1. FeederFeeder consists of screw shaft, shell, cycloid pin gear reducer, conversion speed-adjustable motor, bearing with housing, e pick of screw is of full face. The pitch is variable. The screw shaft is driven to rotate by cycloid pin gear reducer, conversion speed-adjustable motor and chain driv

  • Jan
    The structure principle and using of feed pellet machine

    The structural principle of feed pellet machine: 1. Avoid animal picky eaters. The compound feed formula has a variety of raw materials and is comprehensive in nutrition, which prevents the animal from picking up the favorite food from the powder and refuses to ingest other ingredients. 2. High retu

  • Dec
    Maintenance notes pet food extruder:

    1)Clean the gate at top of feeding bin every week, to avoid its block cause feeding time delay2)Clean the residual material on feeder cylinder wall every week3)Clean the residual material at the connecting part of feeder and inlet conditioner every week4)Clean the add water nozzle and steam nozzle e

  • Dec
    Formulation of Pet/Dog Food Machine

    Pet/Dog Food Formulation One:NoCompositionThe proportion(%)1Rice10%2Wheat flour10%3Sorghum flour10%4Soybean cake10%5Bran10%7Bone powder2%8Fish meal6%9Meat powder22%10Wheat middling20%11Salt10g/kg12Oil spraying4%

  • Dec
    The Maintenance for Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine

    1. Daily MaintenanceA. Strictly follow the lubrication diagram to inject lube to each lubrication point. Note that the correct choice of lube is very important for the normal run of pellet mill. For main shaft bearing, roller bearing and other bearing, use NO.2 high-grade lithium radial lube or its

  • Dec
    Analysis and trouble-shooting of common faults for feed pellet machine

    1. No material enters the pellet chamberCauses:(1) . Bin arches or screw is blocked.(2) . The feeder drive loses efficacy.(3) . The conditioner is blocked.Methods for trouble-shooting: a. Break the arch or change bin structure, clean up the screw.b. Replace the drive.c. Clean up the conditioner. 2.

  • May
    350 Chicken Feed Pellet Machine Ready for Delivery

    350 Feed Pellet Machine Ready for Delivery

  • May
    Turkmenistan clients visit to order 3t/h cattle feed pellets making line

    27th, April, Turkmenistan clients--- Mammet, Eziz, Batyr etc. come to visit us to order 3t/h cattle feed pellets making line.

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