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who  is suitable for buying feed pellet machine?

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who  is suitable for buying feed pellet machine?

                         who  is suitable for buying feed pellet machine?

Pellet machine belongs to the feeding machine equipment in the breeding equipment. It is a feed processing machine that directly presses the grains of corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, etc.Feed pellet machine, widely used in large, medium and small aquaculture, food feed processing plants,livestock farms, poultry farms, individual farmers and small and medium-sized farms, farmers or large, medium and small feed processing plants. Whether it is raising pigs, raising sheep, raising chickens, ducks and geese, raising cattle, raising donkeys, as long as it is to do farming can be used.

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                                              Is it really worth buying feed pellet machine?

Now more and more farmers are using feed pellet machine, but some farmers will still feel that it is more cost-effective to buy feed pellets directly. So today, let's talk about whether the feed pellet machine is worth buying!

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1. Easy to store

The raw materials used in the feed pellet machine contain very little moisture. Using dry in dry out technology, no water added. There is no change in the moisture in the finished particles, and the resulting feed is easy to store, not easy to mold, if it is wet, it is easy to mold, and it is easier to transport.
2. Do not take up space

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This feed pellet machine is small, the floor area is also small, this is very important, for individual farmers, the farming scale is very obvious, if the pellet machine covers a large area, it can not be put down or there is no space to put other things after the rest. However, the feed pellet machine occupies a small area and does not occupy any space.

3.  Curing and drying

Powder is the raw materials mixed together to stir, may not be stirred evenly, and not after high temperature, it is easier to lead to indigestion of aquaculture. The feed pellet machine is capable of mixing a variety of raw materials. Nutrition will be more comprehensive, better palatability. In addition, the feed pellet machine will produce high temperature, and the raw materials will be matured, which is conducive to the digestion and absorption of aquaculture, avoid picky eating, and improve appetite.

4. Higher efficiency

In fact, The cost of breeding is basically the bulk of feed.If you buy feed pellets, you need to cycle to buy back, the market price of feed pellets is unstable, prices rise, the price of feed pellets will also rise, then feed pellets will not have a significant increase. And feed pellet machine only needs once, as long as there are raw materials, we can do it at any time, it is very convenient. There is no problem with it for several years, and it is guaranteed after sale.

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Why do you think other people's feed pellet machine is better than your own?

Most farmers know that there are only a few ways to use feed pellet machine, such as domestic poultry, farmers feel very simple, do not need professional technology, and do not know to search and basically understand. However, seemingly simple things are not simple, feed pellet machine from the beginning to the entire process of discharging, is the need for several points of attention:

1. Particle size of material crushing

Zhenhzhou Leabon Machine Equipment Co.,Ltd.7We all know that according to the different feeding properties of animals, the grain size of the feed pellet machine is also different in the process of granulation. But to crush into what kind of, what kind of granulation, we will still have misunderstandings. Under normal circumstances, the particle size of the crushing material is related to the diameter pressed in the pellet machine. When the conventional material is crushed, the diameter of the general pressing is about 6 mm, less than 6 mm belongs to the special poultry attribute particles, and the general conventional feed pressing is in the range of 6 mm.

2. Uniform machine feeding

Feed pellet machine line is uniform feeding, is a problem ignored by most farmers in the process of use, the length of uniform speed directly affects the normal work of the pellet machine, if the feed is too fast, the machine will be overloaded, if the feed is too slow, the pellet machine will be empty, more difficult to run. Therefore, the uniform speed of feeding can not only ensure the normal operation of the pellet machine but also improve the working efficiency of the pellet machine.

     In fact, the service life and pelleting effect of feed pellet machine have a great relationship with our usual operation and maintenance. For example, when we just got the feed pellet machine, it is recommended to first carry out the running-in operation, use oil-containing material to granulate, operate for half an hour and an hour, according to the discharge situation, and carry out normal production after normal discharge. Otherwise, the output is likely to be too low in the later period, and it is easy to block. The crack of the particle is caused by the high water content of the raw material. If there is much dust, it is the opposite, because the water content of the raw material is too low. In this case, you need to have a mental measure of the water content of the raw material. If the feed pellet machine has a strange sound or sudden stop, it is likely to be a hard thing that leads to a strange sound or stop, and it may be a short circuit caused by the stop.

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    So still want to see more learn more ask more, more operation is skilled.


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