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Use And Characteristics of Bale Crusher

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Use And Characteristics of Bale Crusher

Use and Characteristics of Bale Crusher

1. Use of Bale Crusher

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Crop straw is widely used as biological resources, and now the rapid development of society, technological innovation is also very rapid, the previous crop straw is not burned or discarded, polluting the environment, waste of resources, with the development of society, straw shredder came into being, the application in the market is more and more common. Cylinder automatic straw crusher is a new type of fully automated machinery, the cylinder is equivalent to an automatic feeding mechanism, no manual feeding rod, can be forklift, forklift will be the whole bundle of Chinese grass, straw, oat grass, corn straw, etc. into the cylinder powder into 3-10 cm fiber (straw is recommended to be crushed twice). After starting, only mechanical grass transport is required, which is simple to operate, reduces costs and labor, and is more safe and reliable.

2. Characteristics of Bale Crusher

bale crusher2

The advantages of this machine design are: simple operation, high degree of automation, saving time and labor, safe and reliable, and the work efficiency is greatly improved compared with the old grass cutter.

Equipment advantage

(1) The machine can achieve full mechanical automatic production, no need to manually feed.

(2) The machine has a wide range of application, and can crush dry raw materials such as dry corn stalks, oat grass, leymus chinensis, straw and straw crops.

(3) Higher production efficiency due to the use of automated uninterrupted feeding.

(4) The use of knife hammer design, no need to sharpen knives and make any adjustments, simple operation, easy maintenance.

(5) Reduce labor intensity, improve the working environment, more safe and reliable.

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