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Poultry Chicken Pellet Feed Machine Feed Processing Machine

Views: 0     Author: Rita Zhang      Publish Time: 2024-03-08      Origin: Zhengzhou Leabon Machinery Equipment Co.,LTD.

1T/H Farm Use Poultry Chicken Pellet Feed Machine Feed Processing Machine

Feed Pellet Machine

How to installation of the CM-25B feed pellet machine?

The reliability of the pellet machine's operation and the safety of work mainly depend on the quality of the installation work in the workplace.

The pellet machine must be installed on a solid foundation. We recommend that it be installed on a damping plate, and only fixed at the edges and corners of the pellet machine to prevent movement. The indicator and controller of the control system should be installed as close as possible to the pellet machine. , Should be installed in a place that attracts the attention of the operator. The machine installation is bolted to the floor and fixed to the angle steel cast into the concrete. The rubber plate must be installed between the machine corners and the angle steel.

How to adjustment the CM-25B Feed Pellet Machine?

The machine and electrical cabinet should be well adjusted after installation.

(1) The adjustment of the motor should ensure the parallel between the motor shaft and the rotating shaft, so that the pulley is accurately aligned (remove the sludge and rust spots in the pulley groove during adjustment, reduce the center distance, so as to facilitate the belt installation and remove it when installing the belt Belt cover).

(2) The tension of the belt is very important, which directly affects the performance of the machine and the service life of the belt. When installing the belt, it must be adjusted according to regulations to maximize the transmission of power.

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