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Manual of Vertical TMR Feed Mixer

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Manual of Vertical TMR Feed Mixer

Manual of Vertical TMR Feed Mixer

tmr mixer

What’s the use of Vertical TMR Feed Mixer?

A complete ration feed preparation machine is a machine that fully mixes roughage, concentrate, minerals, vitamins and other additives to provide sufficient nutrition to meet the needs of dairy cows. Advantages: It can provide sufficient nutrition to meet the nutritional needs of dairy cows, increase the milk production of dairy cows; increase the dry matter intake of dairy cows, eliminate the selective pickiness of dairy cows on a certain feed, and help minimize the problem of feed formula Cost; greatly reduces accidental trace element and vitamin deficiencies or poisoning; reduces the incidence of dairy cow diseases. Improve the reproductive rate of dairy cows; greatly save labor time and improve economic benefits.

What’s the features of fully mixed ration preparation machine?

(1) The design of this product is advanced and reasonable. The bottom of the trough is made of high-quality alloy steel. It is suitable for operation in any environment and is safe and reliable. The cutting blade is made of highly wear-resistant materials with unique craftsmanship. The auger blades are made of high-quality high-alloy steel, which greatly improves the service life and work efficiency of the product.

(2) This product is flexible and convenient to operate, safe and reliable, and durable.

(3) Silage, various straw bales, straw and other fibrous feeds can be directly put into the mixing chamber for chopping and mixing, and the mixing speed is fast. Depending on the volume of the mixing chamber, each feed preparation machine can feed 200-2,000 cattle per day, which can replace the work of more than 20 workers, reduce the labor intensity of workers, greatly save manpower and financial resources, and improve feeding efficiency.

What’s the working principle of TMR Feed Mixer?

1. The fully mixed ration preparation machine mainly consists of a main auger. During the mixing process, the materials enter the rotary cutting and mixing chamber from the upper end of the box. 4/ There is an auger in the silo of the 5/7/9/12 cubic fully mixed ration preparation machine. When mixing, the material passes through the vertical auger in the middle position from the circumferential direction of the silo body. The auger spiral body is equipped with a blade, which rotates and cuts at the center line of the preparation machine to cut and mix various fibrous forages and straws, thereby achieving the complete mixed diet feeding effect of crushing and mixing evenly.

2. Discharging system

The discharge door control consists of a hydraulic cylinder, a fixed support, a linkage support, and a sliding discharge baffle. The discharging sliding baffle is installed on the reciprocating shaft of the hydraulic cylinder, which can open or close the material discharge. The discharging area is equipped with a high-strength magnetic plate to complete the iron removal task. Users can also choose to install an outfeed conveyor. The discharge door can be set on the left or right side according to user requirements.

3. Feed addition system

Users can also choose to equip a loading conveyor to complete the process.

4.Weighing and measuring system

It is composed of four bridge-type load-bearing sensors and load-bearing display controller. The system uses a 220V power supply to transmit signals to the weighing indicator through bridge-type load cells in four directions. It displays the gross weight, net weight, peak value and weight change output zero position to complete the proportioning and measurement of feed. And has overload alarm function. Please operate according to the instructions of the weighing instrument.

pened or removed. It is strictly prohibited to bring toys or other objects inside.

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