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How To Solve Common Faults of Pellet Machines?

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How To Solve Common Faults of Pellet Machines?

How to solve common faults of pellet machines?

Follow the feed machinery manufacturers to do this!

Feed Pellet Machine (2)Feed Pellet Machine (1)

1.No particles when booting


1)Die holes are corroded and blocked

2)The moisture content of the powder is too high

3)Improper gap between mold and wheel

4)The roller die or ring die parts are damaged

●Troubleshooting method

1)Repeated extrusion and polishing with oil

2)Reduce moisture

3)Readjust the gap

4)Replace damaged parts

2.Low output


1)Insufficient feed

2)There is a hard object blockage in the mold

3)The gap between the mold and the roller is too large

4)First use of new mold

●Troubleshooting method

1)Increase the amount of feed

2)Remove lumps

3)Adjust the gap to 0.1~0.6mm

4)Continue to run the model for a while

3.Low particle forming rate


1)Improper formula

●Troubleshooting method

1)Adjust the formula

4.Rough particle surface


1)Excessive moisture content

2)First use of new model

●Troubleshooting method

1)Reduce moisture content

2)Add oil to circulate extrusion

5.The host suddenly stops


1)Add too much powder

2)Metal or hard objects enter the cavity

●Troubleshooting method

1)Shut down and clean up, reduce the amount of feed

2)Clean up foreign objects in the mold

6.Abnormal noise


1)Hard objects fall into

2)Bearing damage

3)Loose fasteners

●Troubleshooting method

1)Shut down to clean up hard objects

2)Replace the bearing


7.Irregular wear along the width of the die


1)Poor material distribution

2)The material is pressed to the side

3)The new die is equipped with irregularly worn press rollers

4)The die is too thick, only part of the die hole works

●Troubleshooting method

1)Correctly handle and maintain the pressure roller

2)Use a pressure roller with a pit shell

3)Use a new press roller die or at least the same wear and tear, as far as possible repaired (flat) die press roller

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