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Horizontal TMR Feed Mixer

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Horizontal TMR Feed Mixer

Horizontal TMR Feed Mixer

TMR Mixer

What’s the usage of TMR Feed Mixer ?

     TMR is the abbreviation of Total Mixed Rations in English. The so-called total mixed ration (TMR) is a complete mixture of coarse materials, concentrates, minerals, vitamins and other additives that can provide sufficient nutrients to Meet the needs of dairy cows. TMR feeding technology, based on supporting technical measures and TMR machinery with excellent performance, can ensure that every bite of ration consumed by dairy cows is a full-price ration with a stable ratio of refined to coarse and consistent nutritional concentration. It is a major change in the way dairy cows are raised.

     Advantages of TMR feeding. Compared with traditional feeding methods, TMR has the following advantages: it can increase the milk production of dairy cows. Cows fed TMR can produce 5%-8% more milk per kilogram of dietary dry matter; increase the dry matter of dairy cows. Feed intake can eliminate the selectivity (picky eating) of dairy cows to a particular feed and help maximize the use of the lowest-cost feed formula. At the same time, TMR is completely mixed according to the proportion specified in the diet, which reduces the occasional lack of trace elements and vitamins or poisoning; improves milk quality; reduces the incidence of dairy cow diseases; improves dairy cow reproduction rate; saves feed costs; greatly saves Reduce labor time and improve economic efficiency.

    It is suitable for feed mixing operations in agricultural and animal husbandry breeding areas, large and medium-sized feedlots and standardized community feedlots. It can chop various forage, crop stalks, silage and other fibrous feeds into fine pieces and mix them evenly with concentrates, all at once. Mixed jobs.

Whats the Main feature of TMR Feed Mixer ?

    (1) The design of this product is advanced and reasonable. The bottom of the trough is made of high-quality alloy steel. It is suitable for operation in harsh environments and is safe and reliable. The unique cutting blades are made of highly wear-resistant materials, and the auger blades are made of high-quality high-alloy steel, thus greatly extending the service life of the product.

    (2) This product is flexible and convenient to operate. Safe and reliable.

    (3) Silage, various straw bales, straw and other fibrous feeds can be directly put into the mixer to chop and mix. The mixing speed is fast, and the cutting and mixing time of each batch of feed is about 30 minutes. Depending on the box volume, each feed mixer can feed 200-2,000 cows per day, which can replace the work of more than 20 workers, reduce workers' labor intensity, and improve feeding efficiency.

What’s the structure and working principle of TMR Feed Mixer ?

1. Stirring system

The machine is composed of one or two augers. The spiral augers are divided into left-hand and right-hand. During mixing and mixing, the materials are cut and mixed from both ends of the box to the middle position of the mixer at the same time. Each auger spiral body The spiral guide has a moving blade, which performs cutting work with the fixed teeth on the center line of the feed mixer. It cuts and mixes various fibrous forages and straws passing through, so as to achieve the feeding effect of fully mixed rations that are evenly ground and mixed.

2. Discharging system

The discharge door is controlled by a hydraulic cylinder, a fixed support, and a linkage support. It consists of a sliding discharge baffle. The discharge sliding baffle is installed on the reciprocating shaft of the hydraulic cylinder. It can open the discharge or close the stopper. A high-strength magnetic plate is installed at the discharge point to complete the iron removal task. Users can also choose to install a discharging conveyor, and the discharging door can be set on the left or right side according to user requirements.

3. Feed addition system

Users also choose a loading conveyor to complete.

4. Weighing and measuring system

The system consists of four bridge-type load cells and a weighing display controller. The system uses a 220V power supply to transmit signals to the weighing indicator through bridge load cells in four directions to display gross weight, net weight, peak value and weight change output. Zero position, completes feed proportioning and measurement, and has overload alarm function.

What’s the common faults and troubleshooting methods of TMR Feed Mixer ?

1. If material jam occurs, stop the machine and remove the main drive shaft. Turn the main shaft manually for 10-12 turns to remove the jammed material.

2. If the machine is not running, check the circuit system according to the circuit diagram.

3. The discharge port cannot be opened. Check the hydraulic system.

4. Increased noise: Check whether the reducer lubricating oil is missing and add lubricating oil appropriately.

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