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Factors Affecting The Efficiency of Feed Pellet Machine

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Factors Affecting The Efficiency of Feed Pellet Machine

Factors Affecting The Efficiency of Feed Pellet Machine


The Feed Pellet Machine has fast pelletizing speed and good effect. It is designed with a special hole filter and carefully screened. Its friction filter rod can break the filter to filter solid particles.

The Feed Pellet Making Machine can avoid animals being picky about food, has high feed return rate, is more economical in storage and transportation, has good liquidity and is easy to manage. In order to make the feed pellet making work at full capacity without stopping, the material flow entering the Feed Pelletizing Machine must meet the requirements of the Feed Pelletizer, and the feeding structure should effectively eliminate the intermittent feeding phenomenon caused by agglomeration.


Factors affecting the pelletizing efficiency of Feed Pellet Machine:

1. Compression ratio of ring die

During the granulation process, whether the material can be extruded through the die depends on the pressure and friction generated in the die hole, which is related to the friction coefficient between the material and the die wall, moisture content, material particle size, temperature, and the plastic deformation part of the material. Buffer time is related to the compressibility of the material, and these properties are closely related to the depth and diameter of the mold hole. Generally speaking, 1:8~1:13 is suitable for the compression ratio of the pressing die. The compression ratio of the pressing die is small, the effective length of the pressing die hole is short, the material pressure formed in the pressing die hole is small, and the ring die is easy to squeeze. Therefore, the output of the Feed Pellet Machine is high. On the other hand, the longer the effective length of the compression hole, the greater the pressure of the material in the compression hole, the higher the density of the prepared granules, and the better the smoothness quality, but the output of the Feed Pellet Machine will decrease, of course the electricity consumption per ton will also increase accordingly. Therefore, when feed manufacturers produce granular materials of different specifications and varieties, the selection of the ring die aperture ratio will be different.


2. Feed flow rate

If the material flow through the Feed Pellet Machine is 10 tons smaller than that of an ordinary Feed Pellet Machine, it should be set directly to be stable. For example, the material flow through the Feed Pellet Machine is 10 tons smaller than that of an ordinary Feed Pellet Machine. tons, or there is a long connecting pipe between the buffer bin and the feed, making it difficult to ensure the stability of the feed amount. When production efficiency is abnormal, many feed mills are just busy looking for reasons in the pellet mill machine itself, but ignore these factors. In fact, production efficiency is often caused by unstable material flow. Generally speaking, when the Feed Pellet Machine runs smoothly and normally, the steam supply is sufficient, the feed gate is fully open, the feeder speed is adjusted to the rated value, but the main motor never works to the rated value, it can be judged that the feed flow is insufficient.


3.Raw materials

Due to problems in the process arrangement and operation of many feed mill Feed Pellet Machines, the output cannot meet the expected design requirements. The surface of the granules is not smooth, the hardness is low, it is easy to break, and the flour content is high, which may be caused by the raw materials.

After conditioning, the raw materials have a certain viscosity, which is conducive to the formation of particles. For raw materials with high crude fiber content, adding a certain amount of grease can reduce the friction between the material and the ring die, which is beneficial to the material passing through the ring die, and the appearance of the particles after molding is smoother. Generally, about 1% is added. If too much is added, it is easy to cause loose particles. If you need to add more oil, you can consider spraying after granulating with a Feed Pellet Machine, which is especially suitable for the production of high-energy feed. Particle size determines the surface area of the feed. The smaller the particle size, the greater the surface area and the faster the material absorbs moisture from the vapor. From the perspective of Feed Pellet Machine efficiency, the grinding is fine and the granulation intensity is high, but there is a lot of steam. If you are not careful, it is easy to block the machine, and the raw materials are crushed too finely, resulting in excessive power consumption for crushing. Due to the large particle size, it is difficult for Feed Pellet Machines to form particles, especially small-aperture annular molds, resulting in high material consumption, low output, and high particle content. Therefore, the production of livestock and poultry feed pellet mills should use 2.5~3.0mm sieve plates to avoid the disadvantages of fine particle size, fully ensure the particle size required for feed conditioning, and help reduce the flour content in grains. In addition, attention should be paid to the uniformity of mixing before pelleting, because the ingredients of the feed formula are complex and the specific gravity of various raw materials varies greatly.

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