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Counter Flow Pellet Cooler

Views: 0     Author: LEABON MACHINER     Publish Time: 2024-03-23      Origin: Zhengzhou Leabon Machinery Equipment Co.,LTD.

Counter Flow Pellet Cooler

Counter Flow Cooler

1. What's the Use, Application Scope and Features of Counter Flow Cooler?

1). Use & Application Scope:

Pellet cooling is a necessary process in pelleting section. The Counter-flow cooler can lower the 70-90 ℃pellet to about 3℃~5℃ over the room temperature and decrease the moisture content by over 3%, thus pellet feed can preserve its quality during the packaging, transportation and storage.

Different counter-flow cooler has different capacity catering to the need of various feed factories

2). Features of Counter Flow Cooler:

As a new cooler prevailing in the world, counter-flow cooler adopts the counter flow cooling principle.

The surrounding cool air passes the feed vertically in the opposite direction of the feed flow, touches the cold feed and then the hot feed so as to cool the pellet gradually. Thus the cold air can be prevented from touching the hot pellet directly and cause the break of the pellet surface. As the cold air enters the cooler through its bottom from all sides and is highly utilized, the cooling effect is remarkable. This cooler features low energy consumption, high automation, easy operation.  

2. What's the main structure and work principle of counter flow cooler?

It is mainly composed of inlet cover, rotary feeder, rotary closed feeder, cooling bin, high and low indicator, motor, eccentric slide gate type discharge device, hopper, machine frame, air absorbing system, etc.

  Pellet feed of extreme heat and humidity enters the cooler through the closed feeder and then spread evenly in the cooler bin by the rotary distributor. Passing through the gap between the hopper and the slide type discharge device, the cooler air runs through the pellet vertically to get them cooled and then exhausted by the air absorption device. The cooling time is controlled by the high and low level indicator. When the pellet layer reaches the high level, the motor gets started and discharge begins; when the layer decreased below lo level, the motor will stop so will the discharge. The relative position between the fixing and moving frame of the slide type discharge device is controlled by the limit switch through the break motor, so as to prevent leakage after discharge stops. Installed at the bottom of the bin, the moving frame of the slide type discharge device moves back and forth as driven by the reducing motor with break and then the pellet is discharged from the gap between the moving and fixing frame.

Pellet Cooler

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