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Bucket Elevator

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Bucket Elevator

  Bucket Elevator

What’s the usage of bucket elevator ?

This series of elevators are suitable for vertical transportation of granular and powdery materials in

grain, food, feed and chemical industries.

How to install bucket elevator ?

1. Installation foundation: The site must be solid and stable enough to bear the weight of the whole machine. The position and specifications of the machine base anchor bolts, the position and size of the holes for the riser to pass through the top of the floor, should be made according to the requirements of the process design drawing.

2. Installation environment: There should be a gap of 400-500mm between the top of the machine head and the building, and the height of the observation window center from the ground (or floor surface) should be about 1400mm.

3. Installation method and requirements:

(1) Place the machine base at the installation site, calibrate the level with the bottom surface of the machine base as the reference, tighten the anchor nuts, install the riser section by section from bottom to top according to the process design requirements, and finally install the machine head, and align each section with a plumb line.

(2) There should be no obvious misalignment between the connection surfaces of the machine head, riser, and machine base. Use sealing gaskets or inject sealant to seal between the angle steel flange surfaces to prevent dust from flying out.

(3) Correct the machine head axis to horizontal, and correct the machine head axis and machine base axis to be in the same vertical plane.

(4) Fix the bucket on the bucket belt according to the specified requirements, put the two ends in from the machine head, adjust the tail wheel to a high position, and pull one end around the tail wheel, pull it out from the operating door and connect it to the other end.

(5) The screw tensioning device should ensure that the bucket belt has the tension required for normal operation. In order to ensure that the tensioning device has sufficient adjustment stroke during use, after the hoist is installed, the unused stroke of the tensioning device should be no less than 50% of the full stroke.

(6) Lubricating oil should be added to the rolling bearings of the head and base.

(7) This machine uses a three-phase four-wire power supply. During installation, a good grounding device must be provided.

How to debug the bucket elevator?

(1) Strictly check the installation quality of each part of the equipment. The transmission device must be firm and reliable.

(2) Check whether the tightness of the bucket belt is appropriate. The joint should be straight, the overlap direction should be correct, and the belt bolts and bucket screws should not be loose.

(3) Check whether the bucket is damaged. If it cannot be used, it should be repaired or replaced immediately.

(4) Check whether the bearings are loose and whether the lubrication is normal. If the bearings are loose, they should be tightened immediately. If the lubrication condition is not good, oil should be added in time.

(5) Pull out the machine base plug door and check whether there are any remaining debris. If there are, they should be removed immediately. Then plug in the plug door.

(6) Check the gap between the discharge plate at the head of the machine and the bucket. It should be 8-10mm.

(7) After a 2-hour no-load test run, pay attention to adjust the tightness of the bucket belt and observe whether the bucket belt has deviation (running on one side). If so, adjust the tail wheel immediately to make it run straight.

(8) After the empty vehicle runs normally, adjust the feed valve to keep the flow rate into the machine stable and appropriate to avoid excessive feeding and blockage accidents. Once the feed gate is adjusted and positioned, it should not be moved at will.

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