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Automatic Grass Alfafa Corn Stalk Silage Baler with Wrapping Machine Price

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Automatic Grass Alfafa Corn Stalk Silage Baler with Wrapping Machine Price

Automatic Grass Alfafa Corn Stalk Silage Baler with Wrapping Machine Price

一.Safety precautions

Please pay attention to read the following brief instructions and follow these rules carefully to avoid danger!

1. Before using the machine, the operator should carefully read the instruction manual to understand the silage round bales

The internal structure of the baler, familiar with its performance and operation method.

2. The power must be selected according to the label of the baler, and the spindle rotation speed must not be increased arbitrarily.

speed or reduce the standard power.

3. The working site of the baler should be spacious, ventilated, and have enough retreat space.

Have reliable fire extinguishing equipment.

4. Adjustment and maintenance should be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the manual before starting up and using, and at the same time check

Whether the fasteners are tightened. Whether the lubricating parts are adequately coated with lubricating grease, the machine can be started only when the safety of man and machine is ensured, and the machine must be in normal working condition before feeding.

5. If there is an abnormal sound response during work, stop the machine immediately for inspection.

Troubleshoot and clean the machine when turning.

6. After the work is completed, it must run dry for 1-2 minutes, and wait for all the materials inside the machine to be discharged.

After that, it can stop.

7. In order to prevent electric shock, when the baler uses the motor as power, it must be effectively connected


8. In order to prevent injuries, when the baler is running, hands are prohibited from entering the feeding port to feed,

dig out materials.

9. In order to prevent accidents, when the power is turned on, the main shaft of the baler should be

The direction of rotation corresponds to the calibration (arrow) direction of the fuselage.

10. When the baler is running, the protective device for the rotating parts such as transmission parts must have sufficient

strong enough and must not be opened or removed.

11. Only the round rollers or accessories approved by the manufacturer can be used, and the machine must be shut down and cut off before replacement.

Power off.

12. The baler cannot work in the open air in rainy and snowy weather.

13. Before the machine works, check the wear of the parts, such as pin shafts and round rollers

When parts such as cotter pins are cracked or severely worn, they should be replaced immediately to avoid machine damage and personal accidents. When overhauling, it is necessary to prevent the cover plate from squeezing and the push rod from squeezing the human body.

14. In order to prevent accidents, when the baler opens the hood or the door of the bundling bin is not closed in place,

The motor must not be started, and an interlock device that ensures that the motor cannot be started can also be installed for protection.

15. Minors, elderly people over 65 years old, drunk or mentally abnormal persons and those who are not

Personnel who understand the operating requirements of this product are not allowed to approach running machines and operate this product.

16. When feeding, the operator should stand on the side of the conveyor belt to prevent hard objects from feeding

The mouth flew out to hurt people. When the feeding port is blocked, it is forbidden to poke the material with iron rods and wooden sticks, and it is not allowed to reach into the feeding port to pull the material.

17. Clean up the blanking in time during use to prevent accumulation from affecting normal operation.

The machine must be cleaned after use to avoid rust and clogging.

NOTE: Note: The safety signs or other indicative marks before leaving the factory are pasted on the key parts closely related to the safety content, and the main (shaft) rotation direction is sprayed with obvious body paint.

二.. The use of the round bale baler and the baling and wrapping machine

1. The round bale baler and the baling and wrapping integrated machine are fixed straw and pasture balers. It is currently the only equipment in China that can reliably bundle dry and wet corn stalks and pastures after kneading. The bundled corn stalks have a high density, which is convenient for coating and storage; this machine can also bundle other hay, and is one of the necessary equipment for animal husbandry.

2. The performance of this model has reached the advanced level of similar products at home and abroad after long-term use.

3. The forage bales bundled by this machine can keep the forage fresh, maintain its nutrients and promote fermentation after being wrapped by the integrated coating machine. It is a good silage and convenient for transportation.

三.Technical parameters of round bale baler and wrapping machine



Main Power (3Phase/380V/50HZ)


Bundle size


Bundle weight








Feeding Belt Coveyor



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