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1-5T/H Animal Feed Crusher Corn Soybean Grinding Machine Grains Maize Hammer Mill

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1-5T/H Animal Feed Crusher Corn Soybean Grinding Machine Grains Maize Hammer Mill

Hammer Mill

1. How to Installation the hammer mill ?

The main shaft of this machine and the motor are directly driven by the pillar pin coupling, and the motor is directly installed on the base of the machine. Shock pad is

installed under the base. This hammer mill is directly placed on base plane by shock pad and doesn’t need other connection to fasten. But when install shock pad, the base should be on same level. When installation, it is necessary to pay attention to the soft connection form at the place of feeding and discharging. The installation size and requirements of this machine are shown in the following sample drawing

The machine should be equipped with corresponding power starting device, protection device and electrical instrument.

2. What's the Operation cautions for hammer mill?

2.1.Operator should know the machine structure and be familiar with the performance and operation method.

2.2.Before starting the machine, carefully check the connecting points, ensuring no looseness.

2.3.Check the rotor turns flexibly, ensure no noise of clip, touch and friction.

2.4.The machine cannot be started until safety of personnel and machine is guaranteed. First of all, race the machine for 2-3 minutes and air-breathing system should lie in normal working state.

2.5.Feeding should be even during production and inequality feeding in short period is forbidden so as to guarantee that motor works under the rated load.

2.6. After work, race the machine for 1~2 minutes. The machine cannot be stopped until all materials are discharged

2.7.If strong vibration occurs when hammer mill is running, stop the machine at once for checking. The work cannot go on until cause is found and removed.

2.8.After work of each shift is over, the work of cleaning and necessary check should be done.

3.How to adjustment and maintenance the hammer mill?


3.1.1Knife hits the raw material and makes the material go through screen. So, check the abrasion situation regularly.

Knife abrades by a certain way and the highest performance can only reach a certain degree. In order to keep the best production ability of hammer mill, knives’ abrasion situation should be paid attention

to usually.

When knife’s one edge is abraded to round, the motor must be reversed; when the other edge is abraded, the knife will loose the grinding ability and this will decrease  by over 30% of the production ability of hammer mill. Also, this enhances the abrasion of screen and pin shaft. At this time, the knives should be changed to new ones.


Sieve plate adjustment: choose the corresponding sieve plate according to the fineness of the ground material. The sieve plate should be replaced in time after being worn or broken. Sieve plate is installed at the operation door at two side  and pressing tightly by operation door. In the period of the rotor operating in the same direction, two pieces of sieve plate should be exchanged once, to ensure that the round hole on the screen plate wear and then replace the other corner.

3.2 Maintenance

Strictly follow the operation method in operation. The necessary check and leaning work should be done per shift.


When the machinehas run for 1000 hours the bearing should be disassembled and cleaned for one time , and simultaneously the lube should be replaced.


They should be replaced in time, when parts of the machine are damaged or wearied seriously. If disassembling the rotor (excluding pin shaft and knives) and replacing the parts, make balance calibration and test after re-assembling. Following the motion balance accuracy grade.

3.3.If the down time is longer, clean the inside and out side of machine and get rid of the dust and dirty to avoid the rusting of machine and blocking meshes.

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